Second Log

The unlikely band set out lightly armed, but soon came upon some trouble. A wooden fortress stood between them and their path. They tried knocking politely, but in the end were forced to scale the walls heroically and fight their way to the stables through a horde of enemy footmen. They then rode heroically into the sunset to throw off their pursuers.

Some time later they had rounded various mountains and come to a dead end. A river stood between them and escape. The evil men gleefully surrounded them, anticipating a slaughter, when a single lone rider appeared to render aid.

The man bashed one man into his piers using only his shield before decapitating two renegade knights with his sword. They rushed to join this strange awe inspiring man and soon felled the attackers. The man identified himself as Marinus and told them he had heard of evil men intruding on his outermost estates. He could not come along for fear of his tenants’ lives, but he pointed the brave bunch due east in the direction of the storm tower.



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